Finding your Whelm – Whatever that is…

Finding your Whelm – Whatever that is…


Please indulge me whilst I speak frankly….

Personally I find being overwhelmed is frightening and being underwhelmed is disappointing, so I think I might make 2018 the year I try and find the allusive state of “whelm”, whatever that is!

As a recently defined small business owner, I have put a lot of effort into trying to keep an even keel when planning and starting up our business. And what I have realised is this… we just need whelm – not overwhelm or underwhelm – just whelm…

Overwhelm as defined by being buried or drowned beneath a huge mass of something.

Underwhelm on the other hand is defined by fail to impress or make a positive impact, usually leads to disappointment.

It is scary enough opening a business with all of the standard fear factors – it this a great idea? Is this concept too early? Will anyone buy it? What am I going to do about cash flow? How soon can I start paying people to clean the toilets? The list goes on…

When we opened Spark we knew that we had to provide a place where small business and start ups could be really welcomed – not only with a professional meeting space, high speed internet and good coffee but also with supportive comments, and access to other like minded people who could provide a pat on the back and the occasional “you’ve got this” pep up.

What started out as a bit of a tongue-in-cheek moniker has become a thing, a term, a goal for us and many of our tenants. We just want to find our “whelm”– that state whereby you are still terrified but excited and confident all at once, independent but reassured at the same time.

Part of our “whelm” offering is to provide support services that help keep that balance, such as the Business Connect program that starts in Spark in March. The program allows small business and start ups to have the option to speak with a business adviser for up to 12 hours. During this time, people are able to bounce ideas, allay fears, have a sounding board, source tools and tips needed for starting out in a non judgemental and private manner.

The Business Connect program is offered free of charge for the first 4 hours and then an additional 8 hours can be made available for $125. The program allows small business and microbusiness the option of discussing their start up or small business idea or model. Participants can ask questions regarding business set up, marketing, budgeting – anything they need really that helps prevent the overwhelm or underwhelm scenario.

If you or someone you know would like to achieve a state of “whelm” this year, then we strongly suggest you book in a time to meet with our resident Business Centre business advisor.

Please contact us on 4058 1988 or email: for further details.