Press Release: New CoWorking Space Opens to Spark Business In Port Stephens

Spark CoWork - Inside The Space

Press Release: New CoWorking Space Opens to Spark Business In Port Stephens

Release: 4th December 2017

Port Stephens will welcome a new way of working this month when “Spark CoWork” opens for business on Monday 11th December.

A relatively new business concept but one that Port Stephens is ready for; coworking spaces offer flexible, affordable workspaces designed to cater for people who no longer wish to work from home, and are not quite ready for their own office.

Located in Salamander Bay, Spark CoWork will offer a mixture of casual hot desks, permanent desks, collaborative workspaces, meeting rooms as well as training facilities. In addition the space will offer flexible and creative working arrangements allowing for community members to share resources such as a receptionist, high speed internet, printing and photocopying services. This space will appeal to those people currently working from home, microbusinesses, entrepreneurs, start-ups and those needing a workspace whilst on holidays.

The idea has been inspired by 2 consultants with a desire to move their businesses out of their home offices, into a flexible space where they could have the benefits of personal connections that come from working in an office, whilst still working on their own. Owners, Naomi Farrelly and Beck Morley, are both excited to see the space develop and are looking forward to introducing the concept to Port Stephens. “Coworking is more than just a space with desks and chairs. The best coworking spaces are inspiring destinations to work, connect, and collaborate. They are about community and creating a thriving business ecosystem that fosters new ideas and supports each other. We have been developing the space after listening to the needs of our community; our freelancers, our salespeople, our IT professionals – even an artist community who are in need of a space in which they can create together.”

The opening of the space will also allow for new training and business development programs and services to be bought into Port Stephens. “The space will allow for training programs that assist those people who are considering starting a business as well as small business operators. We know ourselves, sometimes you are sometimes so busy working in you business, you forget to work on your business. Having these programs available in a beautiful space will give start ups and small business support structures and mechanisms that will assist their growth – to Spark new ideas, new relationships and new opportunities!”