Morning Mindset Reset

Morning Mindset Reset


April 20


09:00 am - 09:30 am

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Spark CoWork - Beck Morley and Naomi Farrelly


Spark CoWork

2/270 Sandy Point Road, Salamander Bay, NSW 2317

Salamander Bay, NSW, AU, 2317

Join us for for this live event where you’ll learn simple strategies to shift your mindset and set yourself up for business success.

Join us for Business Mindset month as part of the Micro Business Boost program.

The right mindset is key to small business success, you are going to come up against obstacles and a healthy dose of self belief is needed to achieve your business dreams. Getting your mindset right is something that requires work.

Are you doing all the right things in your business but still feel stuck? You aren’t getting the results that you want and you can’t work out why? It could be that your mindset and old beliefs are holding you back.

Join us for this, in person, mindset reset session at Spark where you will learn strategies to flip old beliefs and help you start achieving more in your business.

Fiona Brown from YOUtopia WELLbeing will lead the sessions and share with you simple strategy to turn old beliefs and actions on their head to you achieve new results.

Backed up by a change in physiology and a simple visualisation this set of tools will have you achieving more, sooner, with less effort.

Before the session think about some patterns and behaviours that you would like to change.

About Fiona

Fiona Brown is a solopreneur and personal development specialist in her business YOUtopia WELLbeing. Fiona helps people, particularly when stuck in a rut, feeling indecisive or ‘not enough’ to change perspective, take inspired action and achieve new and more enjoyable ways of living and succeeding.

Fiona was a registered nurse for 35 years until last year while growing her own business ‘on the side’ for 14 years which is now full-time. Her skills and passions include Coaching, NLP, Matrix therapies, Hypnotherapy, Reiki Master/teacher, Crystal healing practitioner, Google #IamRemarkable (free) workshop facilitator, coach and mentor trainer and facilitator, public speaker and co-author.

Fiona’s work helps people authentically develop themselves to improve such things as confidence, habits, sense of worthiness, relationships, perspective, mindset and skillset, and understand their own values, beliefs and drivers.

Fiona knows her work is 100% about her clients stating that her clients have all the potential, she just helps them realise it. She loves helping people create an unregretful life by taking inspired action to avoid the self-talk that includes ‘should’ve, would’ve, could’ve….. but didn’t’. When working with clients she “has their back, holds their heart, and kicks their butt when needed”. Fiona works in her practice in Boat Harbour and see clients in person and online.

This session is support by Port Stephens Council